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    Hollywood executives are leaving money on the table when they don’t produce movies and television with diverse casts and creators.


    The 2018 annual UCLA Bunche Center study on diversity in Hollywood reveals that, unsurprisingly, women and people of color are drastically underrepresented in all facets of entertainment production—especially minority and female writers, who barely comprised even 10% over the five-year study from 2011-2016.


    Yet in the years since, movies like MOONLIGHT, CRAZY RICH ASIANS, GIRLS TRIP, ENCANTO, GET OUT, WONDER WOMAN and BLACK PANTHER have swept up the box office and awards shows alike.


    The study concludes:

    Quality storytelling plus rich, diverse performances equals box office and ratings success.


    It's time to give wings to new voices.


    It all starts with the writing.


    The simple goal of Narrative Drive is to find diverse writers with a story to tell, guide and develop their stories into manuscripts and screenplays, then work with them to find publishers and film & TV deals.


    Continuing the work we've done since 2021, we will be mentoring our next group of writers in the spring of 2024, coaching them on the craft and business aspects of writing for film and TV.


    Each writer will receive one-on-one guidance, instruction, feedback on material, and inspirational coaching along the way. Select writers will receive as a stipend to buy the time to dedicate to the program.


    Each writer's book or screenplay will be professionally evaluated so that when it's finished, it will stand the best chance of finding a home when we shop it together.


    If you are a writer, or know a writer who might be interested in being a part, click here.


    It takes a village.


    Every dollar of you contribution goes to the mentorship program and to the writers themselves—it is your generosity that makes any of this possible. You are giving wings to new voices.


    Your gift makes a huge impact today, tomorrow, and always. Thank you in advance!


    All transactions are 100% secure through Paypal's donation portal.


    We're looking for new writers. Writers with an angle. Writers with passion.

    Screenwriters. Authors. Essayists.

    Writers that need a break.

    Drop us a note below, send us a link to anything you've written. Tell us about yourself.

    Tell us your story.


    Do writers need to be in Los Angeles in order to be considered for mentorship?

    No way! You've heard of the internet, right? Thanks to the many various ways we can keep in touch with one another these days, you can do this from anywhere on the planet.


    How much is the stipend?

    The amount of the stipend varies depending on the support our program receives, but past participants have received up to $5000 for their involvement.


    Who gets paid when my writing gets published / sold / optioned?

    You. Plain and simple. If an agent, manager or attorney sets up the deal, they will earn a percentage of the sale, but never until contracts are signed and you are paid. At which point you may just have your very own agent / manager / attorney for the future.


    Do I need any experience to do this?

    We are looking for writers that have and can capably share a unique perspective and tell a good story. So, yes, you need to be able to write. But you don't need to have a degree, or anything previously published.

    Send us what you've got—we're excited to see it.


    What can I send?

    Send us a link to anything we can read online. If it's a finished screenplay or novel, post a few pages on your blog. You can get a free one here or anywhere you prefer. If we like what we see, we'll ask for more.


    How do I know you won't steal my idea(s)?

    We won't. We promise. Not to mention if it's online already, you've already made the decision to share it with the world!


    How do I apply?

    We'll be in touch if we think you might be a good fit. Just be sure you don't leave us a bogus email addy. If we are not able to offer you a spot immediately, however, don't be discouraged. We get a ton of submissions. Keep going. Send us something else. Never die, never surrender.


    Speaking of my email addy, what do you do with it?

    We use it to keep in touch with you. That's it. We will never sell, lend, give, or otherwise share your information with anyone. Ever.


    I'm not a writer, but I'm here to support. Are my contributions tax-deductible?

    At present, though 100% of proceeds go to the mentorship program and to the writers themselves, we are not yet an

    IRS-recognized non-profit organization, though we expect to transition to 501(c)(3) status in the future.


    Anything else?

    Just ask here.




    Narrative Drive is shepherded by Jonathon E. Stewart, screenwriter and author best known for Pixar / Disney’s Cars 3, which debuted #1 in the summer of 2017. With writing partner Eyal Podell, Stewart recently completed work on the animated feature Smallfoot for the Warner Animation Group, and Angry Birds 2 for Sony Animation / Rovio.


    He is also currently working with New York Times best selling author, Lewis Howes, in writing a novel inspired by world-renowned jazz violinist, composer and educator, Christian Howes.


    Stewart has also written screenplays for Warner Bros., Paramount, ABC Studios, STX, Paramount Animation, Sony Animation, Fox Animation and others. Stewart’s inspired-by-true-LGBTQ-events TV drama pilot Grace sold to ABC Studios in the fall of 2016, and modern update on the Dickens classic Two Cities in fall 2017. In 2012, Podell & Stewart’s screenplay Seuss, a biopic about the legendary author—earned the #2 slot on Hollywood’s Black List.


    Stewart is a graduate of Dartmouth College and has mentored scores of aspiring writers over the past two decades.


    Without these rockstars, none of this would be possible.

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